Tour Córdoba

As the beginning of our route from Malaga to Córdoba and after having
after 156 km that separates them from both Andalusian cities.
First we would visit one of the most monuments
emblematic of our Muslim culture.

Located inside the Andalusian Autonomous Community, Córdoba
It is a compendium of past and modernity. This millenary city,
declared a World Heritage Site, it is a living legacy of the
diverse cultures that settled in it throughout its history.

Few places in the world can claim to have been the capital of
Hispania Ulterior under the Roman Empire and capital of the Caliphate of the
Umayyads The Mosque -Aljama- of Córdoba is the most important monument
splendid of the Muslim stage throughout the West.
Different styles underlie the Mosque: the initial Abd-al-Rahman
I has the Hispanic-Visigoth influence and where they took advantage
materials and columns from other constructions; your plant
square is composed of horseshoe arches supported by others
of half a point that serve to give a greater elevation to the roof,
Resistance to the architectural ensemble and facilitate lighting.
Once the visit to the mosque is finished we will introduce ourselves in full
Jewish quarter, near the Mosque, Cordoba Cathedral
We found this peaceful alley, one of the most traditional of the
city. Narrow and winding, climb on a gentle slope to the
small square where it ends. Lattice balconies are
filled with flowers aromatizing the visitor’s pleasant walk with it
We conclude our tourist route Cordoba city.