Granada Tour

As the beginning of our route from Malaga to Granada and after having
after 124 km that separates them from both Andalusian cities.
First we would visit one of the most monuments
emblematic of our Nasrid culture.
The Alhambra: Alcazar and the Generalífe:. It is located in the Barrio de la
Old City. It was the official residence of the Emir of Granada and Sultan
from Al-Andalus, Ibn Yusf b. and founder of the II independent dynasty
from Granada. He had an impregnable fortress built on the outside, but
a paradise inside. It is located between the Dauro and Genil rivers and
on the hill of Al-Sabika, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.
It was built in 1234, it was called Alhambra because it was built in
red earth or vermilion.

There is a perfect harmony between the design of the gardens and the
Architecture of the whole enclosure. In the Nasrid era it was called, The
Forbidden City of the Alhambra.
Once the Alhambra visit is over, we can enter
the Albaicín neighborhood, the old Jewish quarter in the Realejo neighborhood, the
modern and active urban center, to visit the San Nicolas viewpoint and
with it contemplate the magnificent views and sunsets that delights
everyone who visits it that concludes our beautiful city route